Seven Devils || Hook x Aurora AU by jemmalynette

Sleeping Hook AU. After meeting at a pub, Anastasia convinces Hook to help her steal the crown jewels, but after she sees him with the lovely Princess Aurora, she leaves him to take the rap. Hook escapes with his life, but he can’t help thinking about Aurora. After he saves the Princess from the evil Maleficent, he hopes that she can return his feelings, but it seems like pirates and princesses don’t mix. Can the two find a happily ever after?

(voiceovers typed out at youtube)

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"who do you pair that character with?"

happiness. life. being happy. not being dead. i want them to be alive and safe. and happy. that’s what i’m getting at. that is the direction this is going in. that’s my only wish

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*looks at fictional character* nobody loves u more than me

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Jennifer Morrison in ‘The List’ trailer

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If I told you where I’ve been, would you still call me baby? (x)

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neal cassidy + ●ᴥ●

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Neal Cassidy is So Important Week
Day 6: an important thing you learned from Neal

resilience comes from the hope things will get better.

"i think he’s a bit of an eternal optimist. there’s been some heavy things that have happened to him…i think neal proceeded with a heavy heart, but always held out hope there’d be a happy ending at some point."—Michael Raymond-James (x)

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SARAH BOLGER on social media (insp)

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