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i. dark star - jaymes young ii. casualties of war - gossip iii. feral love - chelsea wolfe iv. me - the 1975 v. bowery - local natives vi. asleep - emily browning vii. i can’t find you - solarsolar viii. in the sea - ingrid michaelson ix. afraid - sarah fimm x. this place is a prison - the postal service xi. grow - rae morris xii. hide and seek - claire guerresso

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"Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone…."

But with Emma put under a sleeping curse, Killian is left with difficult decision to make.

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Hook & Ariel || Dead in the Water

"I love adding leather, and have a lot of leather with studs on it in my closet. [But] I always just try to be comfortable, and have always been like that.

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"I did cast a curse that devastated an entire population, I have tortured and murdered, I’ve done some terrible things. I should be overflowed with regret, but… I’m not. Because it got me my son.

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It’s Neal Cassidy 3.04

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"Mom, Mamma."
Merry Christmas Mariana

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Rumple please stahp

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